What Does a Spending Plan Look Like?

Question: What does a Spending Plan (budget) look like?

Answer: A typical Spending Plan would be laid out like this:

Net Income 100%
Pay Yourself First (Savings) 10%
Housing 30%
Transportation 15%
Health & Medical, Giving, Retirement, Debt Paydown, et cetera 20%
Lifestyle 25%

Complete Answer: Most of us would have the above categories in our individual Spending Plans. Because we all have different values, interests and priorities, your Spending Plan will be unique to you. The above Plan is only provided as a guide. Additionally, your income and expenses vary from month to month. You get to decide what categories are included and how much is spent for each in your Plan.

Financial Literacy Knowledge/Skill: Using the above categories as a starting point and categories that are unique to your circumstances, you should be able to clearly state how much (percent of net income) and where you are spending each month.

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Next Week’s Topic: Is your current Spending Plan working for you?


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  1. Well I really liked studying it. This information offered by you is very useful for accurate planning.

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