What banking services do you need?

Question What banking services do you need?

Answer A checking account, savings account, debit card, and a credit card.

Complete Answer  As with the purchase of any good or service, shop around for cost, features, and convenience.

Your checking account is your operating capital account. Deposit all monies received into this account. Use this account to pay all monthly bills on time and withdraw spending money, cash, as you need it. You will need a checking account that allows you to deposit money (checks and cash), write checks, both electronically and manually and access to your account using an ATM for both deposits and withdrawals.

The first expense to be paid each month is to you. Deposit 10% of your take-home pay (Pay Yourself First) into a savings account. If you have money left over at the end of the month, put that amount into your savings account. Use your savings account if you must as explained in the posts of October 10, 2016, but always pay yourself back. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly the amount grows and how much will be in your savings account at the end of the year.

Helpful Hint  Through no fault of your own, you could be the victim of identity theft and or bank fraud – unexpected financial emergencies. Because of the threats of identity theft and bank fraud, use two completely different banks (not affiliated with one another) for your checking account and your PYF Savings Account. If an account is compromised, you will still have access to some money from the second bank until the problem is resolved.

With a debit card you do not have to carry a lot of cash. It is an option you have with most checking accounts. A debit card, also known as a check card, may be used to make purchases, pay bills, and make cash withdrawals from an ATM. A debit card is especially handy for making purchases when you don’t know the amount of the purchase in advance, weekly groceries or a tank of gas for example.

In reality, a credit card is a short-term loan to make a purchase. As such, interest is charged for credit card balances that are carried for more than the one month billing cycle. A credit card is ideal for Internet purchases and a must when traveling. In most cases, you will also need a credit card to rent a car. I personally use my credit card for automatic payments, and pay off the balance each month. It gives me a record of the date of the payment and I have more control over the automatic payment process.

Financial Literacy Knowledge/Skill

A checking account, savings account, debit card, and a credit card are the basic banking services you will need to manage your money effectively.

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