Do you have to know how to manage your money?


Yes, as long as you have money you should know how to manage it.

Complete Answer

Starting around the early teens, we begin to earn money and make decisions about it – how to spend our lunch money, what shoes we like, what movie we would like to see, et cetera. By the time we are adults, we have to make most, if not all of the decisions about our money. So it follows that if you will be making decisions about money, you would benefit from a basic understanding of money management, “Financial Literacy.” These decisions will impact your financial wellbeing now and in the future.

We live in a country that values freedom, and this includes freedom in the market place – we get to spend or not spend our money however we wish. This coincides with a basic tenant of the Church that we all have free will, and that includes freedom to make decisions about money. We have the freedom, as well as the right, to make our own financial decisions.


Money management skills (Financial Literacy) will help you make  prudent1  financial decisions.


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